Carnival Season is fast approaching!

Here in Cayman, and in all of the Carribbean, Carnival is a big part of our culture that takes place every year. Different islands call it different things, but here in Cayman there are only two: Batabano, and Caymas. These are the two largest carnival celebrations our island has to offer, so big that the island pretty much comes to a stand still when they are on!

If you decide to take part in the carnival, you are required to wear the costumes that are synonymous with the carnival culture. These can be seen in the picture above! When performing in the carnival, dancing and walking with the floats, this is the act of ‘jumping’. This is what we call taking part in the carnival here in Cayman. In a sentence, it would be said ‘Are you going to Jump at Batabano this year?’, ‘No, I am getting to old for jumping!’. 

Carnival is not complete without the SOCA music! SOCA, meaning SOul of CAlypso, is a dance music originating from Trinidad and Tobago, with influence from all over the Caribbean. Often confused with the music genre of dancehall, SOCA is a slower vibe, with lots of rhythm to get the people moving! 

In the Carnival spirit, we here at Boat Cayman are offering and extra 10% off with code SOCA at checkout, meaning 20% total discount for locals!

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