Cayman’s Fishing Culture

Cayman is traditionally a nation of Sea-Faring people. With the current lockdown that the government have put in place, that determines that, for the countries safety, that there are to be no boating activities, a lot of Caymanian’s are chomping at the bit to get back out on the water. This is especially true for Cayman’s fisherman, some of which earn their living supplying the resturaunts and hotels with fresh fish. The same resturaunts and hotels that have closed their doors due to the tourism sector freezing as Cayman goes into full lockdown from outside countries, a necessary precaution in these uncertain times.

Cayman’s Sea-Faring History

In the early days, the term ‘Sailorizing’ was used in place of the modernized phrase ‘Seafaring’. Cayman’s people were a figure-head for this movement, with many of the men joining merchant ships, crossing the oceans in bid for a good wage. Not only these, but the Caymanian people were revered ship-builders, and used the natural resources of the island to make supplies to trade for other goods. The most prolific of these resources was the silver thatch palm trees, which were utilised to weave hats and boat rope. The boat rope was unique because of the fact that it was impervious to the salty sea-water, making it perfect for nautical use.

For food, turtle meat was the preferred choice of the locals, and for good reason. Cayman’s waters were teaming with the shelled creatures, but not for long. Soon their numbers began to deplete, and the fisherman were made to travel much further off the shores of the islands. 

Private Fishing Boat Charters

We are lucky to have waters surrounding the islands teaming with plentiful, delicious fish! This is one of the reasons why Boat Cayman is expanding into fishing charters and private boat rentals for fishing after the lockdown is lifted and tourism returns to Cayman. We will also be launching a fishing vlog every week with the team to keep all of our guests in the loop while they wait to visit again! We will be doing both deep sea and shore fishing, to give you a taste of what you can expect when you come out! Find out more details on an older blog here. You can also check out our youtube channel , which is where we will be posting all the vlogs! The videos will also be posted to our social medias, Facebook and Instagram.

As Boat Cayman’s head fishing guide Hunter would say, tight lines bruddah!