Flavors of Cayman

Cayman is quickly becoming one of the top culinary hotspots in the caribbean, even the world. With such a melting pot of cultures that inhabit our tiny island, it is no surprise that there are a lot of different types of food to choose from, and a lot of different flavors. From the spices of India and rich sauces of Italy,  to traditional French cooking and American diner food, there is something to suit everyone.

However, beneath all the hustle and bustle of this new culinary age in Cayman is the ever-present flair of Caymanian cooking. Growing up in Cayman, I was always around traditional Cayman cooking and culture. Even when I was in the UK studying to be a boat captain I would seek out the Caribbean food spots in every new city I visited. However, nothing quite matched the subtle spicies of real, homemade Caymanian cooking. 

I think that sometimes the lovely people visiting our island miss out on some of the best traditional Caymanian food spots on Island, and for that reason I am putting a list of the best (and my favourite) places to eat Caymanian cuisine below!

  • Vivine’s Kitchen (East End)
  • Heritage Kitchen (West Bay)
  • Over the Edge (North Side)
  • Corners (George Town)
  • Champion House (George Town)
  • Eastern Star Bar and Fish Fry

All of these spots serve fantastic fresh sea-food and other traditional dishes, for extremely reasonable prices. No dress code, just show up and eat!

Most times when I hop off the water after a day of boat charters, you can often find me at one of these spots with my guests sampling some of the local foods! So what are you waiting for, come join me!

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