Life on the Water in Grand Cayman

Cayman is famous for its beautiful turqouise waters, and this certainly is not lost on the islands residents. Most of our spare time here revolves around being on and in the sea, with a variety of different water excursions and activities at our fingertips. These very same activities are of course available to the thousands of visitors we have annually, making Cayman a very appealing destination for international water bunnies and watersports enthusiasts.

Things to do on the water

From the high end private boat charters that we here at Boat Cayman offer, to paddle board rental and kayaks, there is something for everybody’s tastes and preferences.

Boat Charter/Rental

Boat Cayman offers a variety of different tour options, with varying lengths and activities, as well as different packages and add-ons that help to tailor the perfect custome charter! Cayman is known around the world for the famous ‘Stingray City’, a sandbar in the North Sound, near the barrier reef. The sandbar is home to 100+ Southern Stingrays, all of which want to play and say hey! (especially if you brought them some squid to munch on!) Our guides all grew up handling the rays, and know most of them by their own unique names! Snowflake is Captain Jack’s favorite, she has a white spot between her eyes that distinguishes her from the rest. Jack named Snowflake when he was a child hanging out at the sandbar, and still makes sure to give her some squid and a hug when he sees her on a tour! Stingray City is just one part of our tours, complete with stops at Starfish Point, where you can hold your very own starfish, and a variety of snorkel spots and beach bars, a good time is guaranteed!

Paddle Boarding and Kayaks

A lot of the accommodation on island (hotels/condos/Air BnB) come equipped with paddle boards and kayaks for their guests to use, often free of charge! Alternatively, if you live in Cayman part time or are a local, ‘Watermans’, a surf and watersports store in Galleria plaza, sells the best quality Paddle board and Kayak gear on island! Paddle Boards and Kayaks are a great way to explore the shallow areas of Caymans waters, and get some good exercise at the same time! Some of the best spots for this are up on the North Side of the the island, around rum point and the bio-bay. Bio-bay, short for bioluminescence bay, is a great spot to see nature at work. If visited at night, the plankton in the water lights up when disturbed, creating the most amazing glow in the water. Great fun for the family, and a good way to spend an evening!


The caribbean is known for its amazing tropical marine life, and Cayman is no exception. With a plethora of varied stretches of reef, and mazes of coral heads, Cayman’s waters are home to some of the must beautiful, and accessible, snorkeling in the world. Just off from George-town, Cayman’s capital, are some great shipwrecks and reef-life which are within swimming distance from the shore. Spots like Eden Rock and the Cheeseburger reef are easy for any level of swimmer.

Tip, Tricks and some of Cayman’s hidden gems and Destinations

Although enjoying Cayman’s water is pretty straight forward and hard to do wrong, there are a few things that help make the experience extra enjoyable. The most important of these things is your swimwear and apparel. Rash guards, or ‘rashies’, are essential for sun protection and protection from the other elements. Here in Cayman we have something called ‘sea-itch’ which occasionally occurs, causing irritation to the skin that can make swimming uncomfortable. A long sleeve rash guard and some good swimming or board shorts can go a long way to minimizing the effects of these. The best place to get all of your swimwear gear is a store that was mentioned earlier in the article, ‘Watermans’. Watermans has everything you could possibly need for a day on the beach or a day on the water. From apparel, to towels and sunscreen, Watermans has you covered. They also offer Paddle Boarding lessons and other watersports opportunities. Check out Watermans website here:

They carry great quality brands such as Quicksilver and Ripcurl which are great for protection against the elements! Some of their rashies are even UV protected!

Check them out  here:

Another tip is timing. Because Caymans beaches are so popular, naturally there will be busier periods, especially at some of the more well known areas. Seven Mile Beach is one of these areas. The busiest times will be during the week when the cruise ships are in, as the buses bring them from the port to the beach. To avoid this, you can view the cruise ship schedule here:

The next tip to enjoying all the pleasures of Caymans waters is choosing places that are off the beaten path. Exploring beaches and areas tourists seldom visit because of the lack of tour coverage and knowledge. Below are a list of beaches and spots great for kicking back and relaxing without all the hustle and bustle of the tourist favorites:

– Barefoot Beach – North Side (Queens Highway)
– Rumpoint Sandbar – North Side (during the week it is quiet, weekends it can get quite crowded!)
– Barkers – Westbay
– Seven Mile West – Westbay
– Spotts Beach – South Sound (A great spot to find sea-turtles, but make sure to get there super early as that is when they feed!)
– Colliers Public Beach – East End (Great picnic spot! Worth the long drive out there)

All in all, you can’t go wrong. Cayman is all about the water, as long as you stay near it, on it or in it, you are sure to have a good time. We like to provide all three with out private boat charters. As a smaller, boutique charter company, we pay attention to the details that make the big picture perfect. We offer the most competitive pricing on island, without any compromises on service or luxury. Book with us, and join the Boat Cayman family!

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