Cayman is home to some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean, and dare we say it, the world. Our Seafood cuisine is second to none, with our waters teeming with a plethora of fish and marine life that is fresh that day. With this comes the obvious factor of Lobsters! Here in Cayman the government dictates ‘seasons’ to allow for certain marine life to replenish themselves. Lobster and Conch are the two big ones, with strict regulations being set as to the quantities each person (and restaurants) can take out of the water each day.

The law is 3 Lobster per person, or 6 per boat. Whichever is less. Any more than this and the fisherman is liable for prosecution and a steep fine. 

All of this means that Cayman takes their Lobster VERY seriously. Some of the notable restaurants that serve top notch dishes inclusive of this delicious creature are:


-Calypso Grill




-Da Fish Shack

And many more to be discovered! Let us know which one does your favourite, some spots even we don’t know about! 

Sometimes when we are out on one of our private boat charters or boat rentals we might come across one of our spine friends, and they are quite the thing to behold! Come see for yourselves, with Boat Cayman.