With everything that is going on, it looks like we won’t be getting out on any charters anytime soon, so be expecting a lot more blogs from myself and the team!

Here in Cayman we are currently on a strict curfew (5am-7pm) after a total 24hr lockdown that lasted the best part of a week. This was completely necessary, and went a long way to slow the spread of the disease. But, during that lockdown, I had a lot of time to spare, and I found myself bored out of my mind! So, after some trial and error and consulting of my friends and family, here is a list of things you can get up to in/around the house until everyone can get back to enjoying Cayman’s beautiful waters with us here at Boat Cayman!


This one is HUGE. After a day or so of Netflix and eating saltine crackers I could feel myself starting to get antsy and snappy with my poor family. Anything was getting on my nerves, I was bouncing off the walls! Normally, between the boat charters, maintenance and my gym routine, I don’t have to think to much about getting my daily exercise in. However with the lockdown, I could really see the effects of all of my pent up energy, and it was awful. I loaded up youtube, and found some great bodyweight home workouts that had me really aching the next day. When I started to find the workouts boring, I hit up my guy Kendall at The Performance Lab, a great boutique gym here in Cayman, for some advice on what to do. He had some awesome online classes and workouts that I signed up for at a super reasonable price! The exercise helped clear my head, and actually made me more productive for the rest of the day. But please, stop posting the Instagram stories of your home workouts. I don’t need to know you can benchpress your dog.


It can be easy during this lockdown period to decide you are going to throw everything to the wind and spend your time binge watching Netflix, playing video games and probably drinking more than you should at questionable times of the day. I was the SAME, and actually thought it could be fun! Oh how I was wrong. I quickly discovered that I NEED to do SOMETHING to stimulate my mind and give me a sense of achievement/satisfaction (much the same as the exercise) otherwise I started to feel guilty. And it does not have to be work related! It could be something you meant to work on but didn’t have time before, like learning a language or working on your garden. If you have siblings, why not practice your hairdressing skills? (I gave my brother a grade 2 all over, I wouldn’t recommend it without their permission first, he was not too happy when he woke up!) Dedicate an hour or so a day to being productive, and it will go a long way to offset the boredom and improve your mood!

PS. Don’t cut anyones hair without their permission. The views above are not representative of Boat Cayman’s views but that of Captain Jack, who’s hair is questionable at best.


I am a terrible cook. Ill say that from the offset. But for some reason, this lockdown has me feeling like a young Gordon Ramsey. Everyday I’m cooking up some new concoction, much to the dismay of my family, who have to smile through gritted teeth as I burn another banana bread because I was too busy chasing my brother around the house with hair clippers. But cooking/baking really is therapeutic, not to mention a time killer! Throw on some dancing tunes, pour a glass of wine and boom, its three hours later and you’ve burnt 6 pans but cooked a mean pasta Alfredo. Plus you can post all about it on your Instagram stories so people know you’re awesome, which is always a bonus. Everybody knows if you can cook you are 100% sexier. Its a fact.


Spend some time with your loved ones! We all live busy lives, and sometimes its hard to make time for the special people in your life. This is the perfect time to get in some quality time with your family or other half, so take advantage of it! Play board games, watch movies, drink (at regulated times, not an excuse for you to have a rum and coke at 8am) and just enjoy each others company. It can even be a good time to address anything you have had on your mind, address problems you are having that you thought they may have been too busy to help with. If there is trouble in paradise however, I wouldn’t recommend breaking up with your significant other until AFTER the lockdown. Who knows how long you’ll have to stay in the same place as on another!

To Read or not to Read

Whether you are into reading or not, this is a great time to get your literature on. Or not. Maybe you are more into magazines, or comic books, or the blurbs under a new netflix show. Whatever it is, reading is a great way to burn time and keep your brain active. Remember, the brain is a muscle just like any other, and if you don’t exercise it you may come out of quarantine like a real life Homer Simpson. If you have a garden, or a balcony, I recommend reading while topping up your tan! A great way to kill two birds with one stone, or chop two carrots with one knife (for the vegetarians out there…and the aspiring chefs) But remember to wear sunscreen/sun lotion, and stay away from the olive oil! (I am looking at you again, aspiring chefs).

And that concludes todays blog (another top tip, start a blog, really great fun). While we are waiting to get back out on the water, why don’t you check out our promo video here, which gives you an insight into what a luxury boat charter in Cayman is all about, and how you can become part of the Boat Cayman family! Find out all you need to know about the Boat Charters here on our website, or if you don’t believe us, check out our reviews here.

Stay safe everyone!